“This journey of a thousand miles begins with a single small step”-Lao Tzu

This-journey-of-aIn Beijing they may say 2014 is the year of the Horse … but at HubCFO, 2014 will be the Year of the Blog!

Transitioning back to Boston, in this world things usually happen because we commit to them by preparing a Plan or Budget and then subsequently monitoring and reviewing our performance to the Plan, insuring our actual performance meets or exceeds the Plan … and assigning someone the responsibility of making whatever was budgeted … actually happen!

In this case the guy I am putting under the gun to perform is me!  I intend to create a Boston-based Blog related to the value proposition and components of Interim and Part-time CFO Services.

When I look at my local competition, I know they contribute and create value at various client sites, but I see no evolving value in many of their websites … only the obligatory Meta Data, Keywords, Page Titles and H1 Headers … which truth-be-told, compete with mine!

Considering many friends who today are tweeting and engaging in other Social Media, after some review and reflection, I find these tweets have a half-life of 15 to 30 minutes … and sometimes less.  Therefore I have decided to perform a retrograde maneuver pivoting back to a Blog, so when I finally do tweet, I have some substantial material to which I can refer people.  Otherwise, I will probably just be adding to the din.

Finally those who know me might ask why the Chinese references at the beginning of this first Blog entry.  The reason is simple; I am currently the Interim CFO for a local Medical Device Company manufacturing in China and distributing throughout the world through Johnson & Johnson’s main EU competition.  2 weeks ago I was tapped to come in and attain the main objective of the 5 Year Plan; buying Chinese factories before the expiration next month of their 5-year Purchase Option, which has very favorable pricing set 5 years ago … long before these factories were booming!  The day after the option runs out … the asking price for these factories will go through the roof!  I will be ready in a few days when the Factories’ workforce returns to work after celebrating New Years in their home provinces.

This is a classic HubCFO inflection point project, which will result in valuation transformation for the client!  The challenge: the HQ staff, including the financial staff, has been conditioned by a series of failed CFO’s into believing that what I am about to do, cannot be done.  I hear this every day!

However, one of my major goals for HubCFO in 2014 is this Blog … so here we go!

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